About Us

TISD is an Internet Service Provider that strives to provide high-speed wireless Internet to customers in the Texas Gulf Coast area. By utilizing wireless networking devices, we are able to provide this service without a cable or phone connection. Where other providers won't go, we thrive - bringing Internet to areas that might not have it otherwise.
We have proven experience in operating a wireless broadband network 24/7, for thousands of customers, for over 20 years. Our experienced installers, technicians, network engineers, and customer service personnel are here to deliver Internet service to your home or business that is superior to both DSL and satellite.
In an effort to keep you online, we also offer many technical services, such as computer repair and our technical support. If you have a problem getting online, with a computer or any other device, bring it to us and we'll do whatever we can to get you working again. 361-573-1102